• William Robinson

You Bum

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How did I become a part of the story?

I guess it happened when I took up for Steph Curry

The President responded and called me dumb

I responded to El Stupido by calling him “You Bum”

I’m sure he thought that was the end of our battle

But I am not some animal, you can’t treat me like cattle

You claim to have the greatest ability of recall

but when Mueller came at you, your recall took a fall

What you didn't know is that I have an eidetic memory

Unlike you, I don't have to boast for others to see

I know you don't know what eidetic means

So grab a dictionary, ask Siri, she's always on your screens

They call me King James because my game’s insane

On the basketball court is where I reign

Yes, I have an unusual set of athletic skills

but if you ask around, you’ll hear its my brain that kills

You love to refer to Black people as sons of bitches

I am sick and tired of your divisiveness, this is gonna be vicious

You called me stupid and low IQ

I am not afraid of you, I’m one of the few

You messed with me, I’m the wrong person to troll

Now I’m coming at you from the depths of my soul

It’s time to stop this nonsense, to you I’m taking the fight

You made your name in my community, off of Rappers who Delight

In being seen with you at your bankrupt casinos

Little did they know you raped women, called them hoes

A true bully and a racist red-neck

The first president not worthy of respect

Me, if I wanted, I could truly claim supremacy

Hey, that’s the difference between you and me

When you speak of supremacy
it’s really me first
not America first
your America first
brings out the worst
the supremacy
of White nationality
You are dividing the Country

I went back to my community and started a school

Even Melania said she thinks its kinda cool

You know you wish you had a brain like mine

Your mind reeks havoc like COVID 10 plus 9

You're nothing more than an egomaniac bully

You and your private plane, not at all like Sully

Self made, I make money hand over fist

Your inherited yours, fuck you, you little bitch

You're the one who's human scum

Your face looks like the skin on my scrotum

Politicize the Anthem

No doubt about it, you're not on the spectrum

Bow down to the sheikdom

You're the King of whoredom

Your actions are designed to create a maelstrom

Stealing from your charity, no altruism

Nothing but malignant narcissism

Like I said, you’re nothing but a bum

You should read the Koran, Assalamu alaikum.

© 2020 William Robinson