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Now on to the main event:

Ahh!!! New York, New Jersey, California and other locales devastated early by the Coronavirus are beginning to heal. It’s still deadly dangerous, but they are doing better. The numbers of those being infected and afflicted by the Coronavirus are on the decline.

Through staying at home, social distancing, washing hands, putting on masks and sometimes gloves, that dreaded curve appears to be flattening. Yessss!!!

This has been achieved through the commitment of every day Americans, who have been willing to forgo employment and the ability to take care of themselves and their families. We have sacrificed visiting with loved-ones, traveling and engaging in everyday healthy, pleasurable and leisurely activities, things that we over the course of centuries have become accustomed to.

Indeed, we are now living in a sort of Bizzaro world where it seems, at times, that we are in an alternate universe where things are turned upside down. But when we see our friends, family members, neighbors and other Americans dying everyday, the majority of us are willing to make whatever sacrifices are necessary to put an end to the suffering and death, even if it means a significant blow will be dealt to our way of life and financial security. This is because we elevate human life over money and not the opposite. But let us not be fooled, while the numbers are heading in the right direction, the pandemic rages on. In fact, ordinary citizens realize that the fight is not over and are willing to continue to abide by stay at home orders to stamp out the Coronavirus.

We’ve had a hard lesson and three and a half years to observe Trump. We know that he will deflect, obfuscate and decapitate to achieve his goal. So we are not fooled when he falsely proclaims it’s time for us to go back to work and that we can do it safely.

We will continue to make these hard adjustments despite having the ultimate trickster as president, one who makes wildly false assertions and tries to deceive us with his bullshit fake news claims (I hate to use his term but it’s so apropos) about the ubiquity of COVID-19 testing, PPE, ventilators, and the like. We are steadfast and will continue to substantially alter our way of life even though Trump, Pence, Barr, other members of the Administration, and sadly, even Drs. Fauci and Birx won't lead by example by doing something as simple as putting on masks for the country to see. If Trump and his posse would act as if they care about doctors, nurses and other medical personnel (our front line in this War that’s not being treated as such by the faux commander in chief), maybe the disbelievers and Doubting Thomas’ would be more inclined to view this horrific pandemic as what it is rather than as a Salem witch-hunt —something not based in science, reality, logic or fact. If we had a true leader, one whose only concerns are not himself and his re-election bid, maybe his supporters would stop shaming people and placing them in danger by yelling and spewing nasty ass potentially Coronavirus laced droplets in the faces of those who choose life and health and therefore don (ironic huh?) masks.

If we had the leader we crave, we would have a President who understands and would relate to us that while the curve is flattening in the earliest, hard hit parts of the Country, in most other areas, the Coronavirus infection and death rates are ascending rather than descending. Trump knows this.

Thus, while he continues to push to reopen the country, he is well aware that another wave of infection is sure to come. When asked is this likely, Trump sheepishly responds “probably so.” Even armed with this knowledge, people still refuse to protect themselves and concomitantly their families. Strange shit.

Maybe this is because Trump takes fucked-up actions such as sending out his ill-thought tweets calling for the liberation of Michigan, Minnesota and Virginia from shelter in place orders instituted by Democratic Governors. As we are doing our best to fend of this disease, Trump (who is a disease in and of his own) is doing the political equivalent of yelling fire in a crowded theater. He is encouraging the ignition of outrage and rebellion against those who are doing the best they can to help save lives during this pandemic. As a result of his wicked tweets, state houses are now being taken over by the likes of those armed “very fine” and “very good people” in Charlottesville.

Due to Trump’s obvious, ill-intentioned struggle against his own advisors, Dr. Fauci is now receiving death threats and apparently is now receiving personal security through the U.S. Marshall’s Service. WHY?… For telling uncomfortable truths, which lead to the inescapable conclusion that Trump’s Coronavirus policies have been an abject failure as the confirmed number of Coronavirus infections approaches 1.3 million and deaths now exceed 75,000.

BREAKING NEWS, this just in …Trump’s “close”, personal valet, the Navy attache who serves the President’s meals, has just tested positive for COVID-19. The valet does not wear a mask when he’s near Trump. Will this even matter to Trump? I’m certain it will not. He will continue to refuse to provide the infrastructure necessary to provide the mass testing necessary to safely reopen the country and he will continue to insist that “We open up our Country.” Thank God Trump does not really have the authority to close down or reopen the economy at his sole discretion. If he did, New York’s infection rates would still be on a precipitous incline rather than a slow decline.

We will continue to follow the sound guidance of those wise Governors and local officials who understand how truly challenging these times are. We will continue to put on masks to protect others, not ourselves. We want our parents and children to be healthy. We want YOU to be healthy.

So for all of you who have been fortunate enough not to lose someone to the Coronavirus and think this thing is a joke or a conspiracy theory, do us all a favor until January 20, 2021… PUT ON A MASK AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

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