• William Robinson

Pence Goes the Weasel

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

He walked and talked a lot of shit

Always talking about he wasn’t having it

Fiscal responsibility was his favorite calling card

But now look at him, all he does is stare at Trump so hard.

Abortions will not be allowed, not even a miscarriage

Ban homosexuals, pray the gay away, no gay marriage

When he’s next to Trump he acts so inferior

Like MJ said check out the Man in the Mirror

Old school Republicans wish he was a man again

Sits in the chair next to Trump like he’s a mannequin

On the stage with Trump, he stands motionless

He can sit there for ten minutes, totally breathless

Hanging out with Trump, a.k.a. Dr. Evil

You are not bold and committed, no Evel Knievel

We thought you were a conservative but diesel

You've proved to the world, you’re nothing but a weasel.

© William Robinson, 2019

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