• William Robinson

Mueller Speaks

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I was Born in the USA, I crave it

I’m not Coming to America, to save it

I was asked to perform a service with honor and integrity
I did what you asked, wrote my report and now you criticize me

Issued my report, with no vulgarity

Issued my report in sincerity

448 pages, Trump’s crimes brought to life

I showed everything, gave you proof, he's a low-life

Couldn't get to collusion

because he created confusion

He’s put our country on the brink of outright destruction

He’s cold and calculating, clearly committed obstruction

To me it was really plain and simple

then along came the man with the big pimple

I was constrained by the rules under which I operated

Put it out there, set it up for Congress to debate it

But Congress shrank from its responsibility

when it realized it wouldn't be so easy

Even though I gave them the road map, the outline

If Congress had followed, America would be fine

Said impeachment would be a mess

America would be under stress

Afraid to impeach this man
Who’s not a true American
Congress said no, wouldn’t do it’s fucking job

then along came the true patriots, The Squad!!!

© William Robinson, 2019