• William Robinson

Trump’s (Mis-) Handling of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Updated: Apr 23, 2020


America finds itself in an unfortunate and terrifying situation. In these times of a global pandemic, we find ourselves without unity, without cohesive direction, and without leadership to guide us safely through. Instead we have this guy at the helm, a malignant narcissist. He is truly the single-worst possible person who could occupy the Oval Office at this epic time in American history, and we see here his inability in his handing of the COVID-19 pandemic. He has set us upon the course in which we find ourselves when he, in an ego-maniacal fashion, idiotically dismantled the Pandemic Response Team out of his purely irrational hatred of President Obama.


  • President Donald J. Trump (quoted completely out of context, in keeping with the m.o. of FOX media and Trump himself)

Trump had adequate and advance notice of the approaching pandemic but he refused to take meaningful action. Months ago there were reports of a new virus emerging somewhere “over there” in China - last year in fact, in December 2019. But what did Trump care? The virus was China’s problem, it was only killing Chinese people, and Trump, believing himself and America invincible, just couldn’t be bothered to take it seriously. Rather, he took it as an opportunity to act on his xenophobic and racist inclinations, with one of his earliest self-congratulatory orders: to ban flights from China landing on US soil. He had a hunch it might work, made it happen, and therefore he is to be regaled in praise for keeping Americans safe. He continued to call it the “Wuhan”,“Chinese” and “Kung Flu” virus long after it was officially declared SARS-CoV-2 or more commonly, COVID-19.

These early actions were certainly in keeping with Trump’s underlying racist agenda that permeates everything he does in the name of “Making America Great Again,” or MAGA. America already IS great! Or at least it was….until Trump came along and bought, lied, cheated and stole his way into the Presidency. He has no understanding or respect for American history. Recent history is all he can manage to attempt to re-write, often backpedaling the very words he spoke the day before. He will lie, point fingers elsewhere, shut down journalists, blame Obama, whatever it takes to appear to his base as he appears to himself: “the greatest leader of all time." Narcissism defined and personified.

Meanwhile, state governments have had to fight for themselves, with efforts to obtain and secure their own supplies being outbid and intercepted by Trump’s administration. He refused to get tested when it was clear that other heads of state and even congress members were testing positive. Why did a scarce short supply of tests available at the time even get wasted on this man? After all, he won’t even follow the Center for Disease Control's recommendation that we wear masks when in public. And in doing so, he once again jeopardizes us all by sending the message to his adoring base that the COVID-19 pandemic is not to be taken seriously. The branding genius extraordinaire ought to consider changing his campaign slogan to “Make America Late Again”. Instead of trying to “flatten the curve” or get ahead of the curve, it seems as if Trump has dedicated himself to staying behind the curve. Because of his outright stubborn, child-like refusal to let his actions be guided by science, data and rationality, Americans are needlessly dying.

Trump is a dangerous wanna be autocrat who escalates fear and panic by crowning himself a “Wartime President”. This is an attempt to secure a second term victory come election day. We must not allow this to happen. We must vote in exceedingly high numbers. We must not allow Trump to capitalize on this pandemic and once again steal The Election of 2020. We must not succumb to this malignant cancer of a presidency.

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