• William Robinson

Elect Biden: Biden is Our Cure; Trump is a Disease

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Trump is a complete failure. His response to the global pandemic is pitiful and embarrassing. The nut-job has proven to be a more dangerous disease, running rampant and inflicting widespread damage, than the COVID-19 virus itself. Where does this leave us? What will it take to fight and put an end to the malignant Trump disease?

This country doesn’t need to be tested further by continuing this experiment with a governmental, political and executive Apprentice. This country doesn’t need four more years of hell while waiting for a vaccine to be developed. This country needs a cure, NOW.

Newsflash! The cure is waiting in the wings. The cure has already passed eight years of public trials and testing, and is already a household name. Biden is our cure.

In order to look forward, we must first look back. Let us review the eight year era during which America earned back the respect of leaders around the world….AND their citizens. It was an era that began with HOPE, and was led by the first ever President of color to be elected by the American people, President Barack Obama. 

President Obama presented a forward-thinking voice of reason which resonated with Americans of all ages, races, and genders. Dignity, humility, integrity and diplomacy skills added to his appeal. Try as they might, the GOP and Fox News could dig up nothing scandalous on this man. There was just this racist millionaire reality TV prick who decided to advance a bullshit conspiracy theory that Obama was not a U.S. citizen but a Muslim terrorist born in Kenya, and that his birth certificate was forged. But I digress.

Back to the man who would go on to become the greatest President of our time, Barack Obama. He knew he was lacking in the years of service of the other Democratic contenders. He knew he would need a strong foundation of experienced, supportive and wisdom-based guidance in order to give momentum to HOPE, and to effect the CHANGE he sought as a Presidential candidate. He needed more than a person of experience, he needed a trustworthy ally. He found all of that, and more, in his choice of running mate, Joe Biden. 

With grace and dignity, Joe Biden stepped in and honorably served as Obama's go-to mentor, his right-hand man, and most importantly, his ally and friend. During those eight years as Vice President, Joe Biden displayed dedication and integrity expected and required of a true leader. The Obama-Biden, President-Vice President, relationship was enviable and admired, not just at home, but the world over.

Now, at last, Biden has more than earned his place as the victorious Democratic Presidential nominee to lead the battle against the tyranny of a narcissistic ego-maniacal orange-tinted disease. Tried, tested, and true, Joe Biden is precisely the cure American needs now. He is a man of intelligence, compassion and understanding.  He is respected around the world, a trait necessary to help the United States regain its once great world-wide standing. I’ve said enough.

Simply put, let’s do everything we can to get this great man elected so we can put an end to Trump and his bullshit! 
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