• William Robinson

Coronavirus (a.k.a. Iran’s Revenge)

Updated: Apr 28

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Protect your iris

Nurses and doctors in the hospitals, can’t be protected;

Here’s the tale of the origins of COVID 19 from a different perspective

Trumps comes in to destroy Obama’s legacy;

Puts us all at risk, the human family

He puts an end to the nuclear arms deal;

Now that shit will be his Achilles Heal

The Ayatollah and Iranian president rolled with Obama;

Agreed to a nuclear arms deal put a cessation to the drama

President Trump gets up behind the podium, calls it the Chinese Virus;

But that’s a conspiracy, a Scandal, conducted by him and his VP, not Cyrus

Trump continuously threatens to devastate Tehran, says he’ll destroy their antiquities;

Iran says we have to level the playing field, get rid of the inequities

Trump came in the office initiated his Chinese tariffs;

The Iranians, long-victimized, tired of being embarrassed

They said we gotta go big, it can’t be local;

In the lab they went, to make it biological

While coming up with the concoction, shit got crazy, shit got loose;

Those tiny minuscule particulates, they sprayed like aerosol juice

While this was happening Trump did the unimaginable;

He assassinated Soleimani, so unreasonable

Iran’s initial “fake news” reaction was a little bomb attack that destroyed some planes;

Trump’s response was that our soldiers only had headaches, not even migraines

Iran retaliated and said we’ll send him the virus and he won't act;

Instead of adding masks, we know he will somehow subtract

Like when he dismantled the Pandemic Response Team;

Why not be less vitriolic, could’ve found a less destructive scheme

Now the novel virus is in the air, death starts to travel through Iran;

It gets back to Wuhan, from a traveling millionaire citizen

But somehow China quickly flattens the curve, things don’t get out of hand;

But American lives lost is projected to be 200,000.

Trump bemoans “I’m doing a great job,” “it’s something we’ve never seen”;

He had adequate warning, now the Country’s on nitroglycerin

Now the nurses and doctors got no PPE;

He called it a hoax, a Democratic conspiracy

And now Americans all over the place are dying en masse;

Trump tells the Governors go get your own stuff you better make it last

He said to the governors, I’ll give you a little bit if you appreciate me;

But if you don’t proselytize, Pence won’t return your calls, now that’s a guarantee

After much delay Trump responds build that wall, close the border;

But it’s too late now, they already sent it across the water

Searching the globe for that life-saving personal protective equipment;

Remember the beautiful tariffs, we gotta pay China more for the shipment

Trump said America First but now we stand at the back go the line;

Refrigerated trucks store bodies, morticians ain’t got time

Everyday Trump gives his Pandemic briefing, we’re so disgusted;

Look at America’s Governor, Cuomo can be trusted

The best Trump says is to wash your hands;

Six feet apart, keep your distance man

And don’t get it twisted, COVID 19 certainly does not discriminate;

Look at Republican Senator Rand Paul, he caught it he had to self-isolate

It’s all in suburbs and cities

It’s such a terrible disease

You can die from a fucking sneeze!!!

© William Robinson, 2020

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