Excerpt from The Malignant Presidency Volume 1


Red Hat Army (Trump)


It started out as a simple slogan,

never really cared about Make America Great Again!

It was a little something for my acting routine

then slowly but surely, it started to pick up steam.


Next thing I know, I had an army of red hats.

If necessary, they’d be willing to bear arms, baseball bats

and yes, they wouldn’t be afraid to pick up, use them;

I could do anything to my red hats, I could abuse them.

I raised their taxes and did not lose them;

I really don’t like them, I’m so amused by them;

Lie to their face and tell them there’s no collusion.


On the trail, I started to take it even further,

inciting violence, oh yes, I’m a birther.


At my rallies, I loved to see them fight, fight, fight,

David Duke supporters, we now call them alt-right.


burning crosses of logs

out late at night, claiming they’re the Dark Knight

using tiki torches at night to create dark light.

My true intentions I tried to keep out of sight,

so I used a dark Green Lantern late at night.


My Red Hat Army says that they’re forgotten,

but little do they know my motives are rotten,

while Little Kushner and I planned to steal the National Treasure,

foreign leaders used my D.C. hotel for business and pleasure.


I’m in the Oval, printing money, living a life of leisure,

bought Melania more Diamonds and Pearls trying to please her.

She sometimes smiles at me, she’s such a teaser,

I try to make things look good in public, try to appease her.


My RHA, they love my Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous;

To them I’m their Super Bowl hero, their Joe Namath.

Porn stars, prostitutes, supermodels everywhere

having sex without condoms freaky deaky all in here.


I’m a stone-cold New York Yankee

with an army from the South, the Confederacy

achieving this so ironically

with mounds and mounds of women in my history,

none of them platonically—

some not completely voluntary.


They love the way I espouse my racist point of view;

That’s why they’ll follow me even if I shoot someone on 5th Avenue.

I’m like the Pied Piper of the tweeted word;

my base slobbers all over my hateful speech, it’s so absurd.

My Red Hat Army sticks with me relentlessly—

Till death do us part, you will see.