Poetic Excerpt

Red Hat Army (Trump)

It started out as a simple slogan,

never really cared about Make America Great Again!

It was a little something for my acting routine

then slowly but surely, it started to pick up steam.

Next thing I know, I had an army of red hats.

If necessary, they'd be willing to bear arms, baseball bats

and yes, they wouldn't be afraid to pick up, use them;

I could do anything to my red hats, I could abuse them.

I raised their taxes and did not lose them;

I really don't like them, I'm so amused by them;

Lie to their face and tell them there's no collusion.

On the trail, I stated to take it even further,

inciting violence, oh yes, I'm a birther.

At my rallies, I loved to see them fight, fight, fight,

David Duke supporters, we now call them alt-right.


burning crosses of logs...

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